In Bislimska Klisura there are about a dozen explored caves and abysses, and probably more that have not yet been fully explored. Of those explored the most interesting
are: Studen Peshter and Liškov Cave, about 50 m long, the Markova Haus system with a length of over 100 m, as well as Velika Gradiška rušenje, about 20 m deep. However, the aforementioned facilities, especially Lishkov Pashter and Studen Cave, should not be exploited for tourist purposes due to the easy possibility for their degradation and damage,
which has actually happened in the past period. This, especially if it is taken into consideration
that they are rare occurrences in this northeastern part of Macedonia. In fact, the same would
should be protected, by regulating the possibility of review.

In that sense, quality postcards, photographs and information on these caves and abysses should be published, which could be purchased when visiting the
the gorge, as a "substitute" for the limited opportunity or technical inability to visit
those objects. The visit to other buildings should be free, but maximum
cautious and preserving their natural state.
Of the speleological structures, the most suitable for a non-meticulous visit are the Dunenic Cave
(30 m), Gradiški cave (12 m), Markova House (100+ m), Orlovačka cave (22 m)
and numerous undercuts, up to 10 meters long (such around the gorge has at least around 20-
tina). Because of the small length, they do not need any special speleological equipment,
except for the Markova House building. However, caution is needed, as some are possible
caves and precipices to have still undiscovered and unknown channels, especially vertical.
Particularly simple and pleasant to visit is the Denienic Cave, which has a wide and quite
a bright channel, so that even younger visitors can enter without problems. According to everyone
Knowledge in the area of the gorge can be expected to discover other caves
precipices, which will be a challenge for curious visitors and speleologists. Especially
it is important that those interested in entering the underground facilities get previous ones
appropriate information from a brochure or a local person. In that sense, it is necessary
a person who will take interested visitors to the appropriate site and facility.
Also, nearby village shops (in the village of Pchinja, village of Orasac, Dobroshane) should be
equipped with essential accessories necessary for entering these caves and abysses
(lamps, rope, batteries). In all, it is very important that there is built awareness in
local population, but also to get visitors to the value of the caves and
the need for non-disturbance of their interior and beauty.

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