The river Pchinja on its passage through Bislim Klisura in some places is
deep and rich in fish. According to the "Fishing Ground for the Pchinja Basin", it is part of the
fishing auditor "Pcinja 1", Bislimska Klisura. The Fish Fund in this part of the
the river, much affected by the quality of water, which is not at an enviable level. Overall, how much
clean the water from the upper streams of Pcinja and Kumanovska Reka and the Bislim part of the
the river is richer and more diverse with fish. Downstream of the Iskrin bridge, they are most represented
Fish: Squalius vardarensis, Vimba melanops, Rh. meridionalis,
Mergur (P. macedonicum), Vardarense, Belvitsa (A. macedonicus), Amurce (P.
parva), Black barb (B. balcanicus) and others (Fishing ground ..., 2010). Lately,
by reducing the pollution of Kumanovska River, fishing in the bismic part of the
the river is frequent and on the rise, but it must be noted that from time to time due
ecological incidents, mainly on the Kumanovska Reka, comes to the pond of fish with incredible
negative consequences. It is therefore necessary to take everything that is possible to prevent such ones
appeared and enriched the Fish Fund of the Bismillian part of Pcinja. It will cause both
increasing fishing tourism in the gorge. In that sense, it is necessary strictly
respecting the ban on fishing in designated places and terms, respecting the
rules of sports fishing, determination of optimal places and fishing platforms
and similar. For all listed activities, cooperation and consultation with
fishing associations in the area.

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