Mountainbike tourism has great potential for developing the Bislim region
The gorge. Most of the paths on the hill Krasta, even more on the hill Golik
The eastern side is interesting for crossing a mountain bike. Relationships are
relatively short, but quite exciting and interesting. In the first phase, with the help of
associations or individuals dealing with this sport should be identified and
marked the most suitable Mountainbike trails, to be informed about the targeted ones
visitors and to mark the elements of the paths. In the second phase it would be good if
there is an opportunity in the villages of Pcinja and Orasac or in the city of Kumanovo to be rented mountainbike bikes, which would add extra attractiveness. According to our estimates, about 50 km from the existing paths are suitable for varying degrees of difficulty Mountainbike. Often, tracking paths are suitable for mountainbike, however, from safety and security Ambient causes should avoid overlapping them. So, it would be interesting the path from the village of Biljanovce, through the ridge of the village of Krasta to the village of Pcinja, 9 km long, as well as
the path from the village Pčinja, through (or to) s. Orasac, to Iskrin Most (10,5 km). Next variant is the path from the village of Pcinja through Kukuljica to the village of Orasac (10 km).
In addition to the standard mountain biking, there are excellent possibilities for hanging downhill
paths, or steep paths for extreme bicycle substance. Such paths can 55
are set up from the top of the Kitke to the foot of Gradiste, then from Bratanov Brest to the foot of the Tikiirnica and other locations. In certain situations, a combination of
moonbike and downhill, but the same should be known or marked for security reasons.

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