In terms of mountaineering and sports climbing, Bislimska Klisura offers solid
potentials. Especially attractive in this respect are the vertical rocky sections in
the locality of Mecchina Klisura, the Tikiirnica and the cave Markova Kuca. In these places
steep rocky areas are between 100 and 200 m high. Highest monolithic rock
a section in the whole ravine is at Markova Kuk with about 100 m, then several rocks at
Household shop with a height of 60 m and the same height of the Golubarnik rock, at the locality

With the help of well-trained, experienced people can be set alpine
trails with not very big weight that would be alluring to this group of tourists. Similar
is also in terms of sports climbing because it has more steep-vertical segments
suitable for this, so that the most suitable ones can be selected and ranked by weight. In
view of accessibility and proximity, the most suitable are the rocks at Markova Kuca, respectively
several sections with a height of 30 to 100 m. The total climb alignment here can
be 250 m with a 150 m high difference. The second accessibility site is Radev Kamen near the village.
Pchinja which is good for beginners-climbers and for sports climbing.

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